About Us


It lies at the core of our practice and is a north star in our belief that solving the most vexing problems of marketing requires collaboration between marketers and experts from many disciplines.

We’re the consulting partners you didn’t know you had.

Founded out of a belief that marketing organizations are often led by their agencies or technology vendors, instead of by what’s most effective at engaging customers and growing the market, ultimately moving the needle on key business goals, MDS Strategic takes a different approach. We act in an advisory capacity to help marketing leaders make informed decisions about where to invest their time, money and resources. With so many vendors, so many ways of building campaigns using a dizzying array of tactics, you need an independent expert to help you focus on the most effective strategy for your organization and your audience.

Our specialty is content & SEO strategy, however we help with UX, digital campaigns, and marketing operations management for organizations around the world.  What can you expect when working with MDS Strategic Digital Marketing, LLC?

Led by Mark Samber, PhD, our team draws upon a wealth of marketing thought leadership and domain expertise in healthcare, IT, software, retail, and the creative agency world to deliver measurable results for our clients. We help our clients focus on actionable insights and detailed plans to maximize the return on marketing investments. We work with you to identify the best approach to people, processes, platforms, and marketing programs, benchmarked to industry best practices and peer performance.

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