Digital Campaign Planning

Campaigns lie at the heart of any digital marketing effort. Converting prospects to customers as they move through the sales funnel is the number one goal. We look at all digital media types, from owned, to earned, and paid, to help you assess what channel mix and tactic types should comprise your campaign plans. We help you allocate your budget based on numerous criteria from CPA and CTR to contribution margin and lifetime value.

Over the past seven years, the digital marketing landscape has grown from about 150 vendors providing services to well over 5,000. Every channel from mobile marketing, display & programmatic advertising, search marketing, social advertising, native ads, video ads, to email marketing has exploded with vendors offering new tactics and platforms promising more effective reach into the decision-making mindset of your potential customers. And that doesn’t even take into consideration remarketing and re-targeting campaigns. Digital marketing and database marketing have essentially become one—you’d never build a digital marketing campaign without deep data analysis (whether you have a first party or third party list or not) and you’d never consider a database marketing campaign without including a digital channel in the mix. Building an effective marketing campaign consisting of the right channels, let alone the right platforms and tactics, requires a considerable amount of planning and analysis before you even commit to a creative concept or buy your first ad. I think a lot of marketers don’t approach it this way. Generally, a marketing department has an idea for a campaign, and may even have the creative assets in the can when they begin the process of building a digital marketing campaign.

Key Deliverables

  • Digital campaign plans & budgeting
  • Campaign performance audits
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Budgeting & fiscal planning