Optimized Marketing Operations

The capstone of our practice is our effort to help you optimize your marketing operations. Here we draw on our roots in management consulting and our decade plus of experience either building marketing teams or providing agency services to diverse clients. We’re process people. We recognize that having a repeatable, clear, well-defined process helps even the smallest marketing teams operate more efficiently. Our marketing operations management consulting pra ctice helps clients find digital marketing zen. Achieving zen is hard when any number of questions are keeping you up at night.

  • Do you have the right processes to build and manage effective online lead generation campaigns?
  • Do you have the right platforms to manage your web content?
  • Does your website offer the features your customers need to make a buying decision? 
  • What should your channel mix for your newcomer campaign be?
  • What resources do you need to manage your reputation in a dynamic online market?
  • What should the makeup of your in-house marketing team look like? What skills set them up for the future?
  • How do you select the right vendors to support your digital marketing goals?

These questions and many others have kept many smart marketing leaders awake at night because there’s no single right answer and scores of vendors offer the promise of tantalizing results.  With so many possible options, it’s easy to fall victim to analysis paralysis or worse, bet on a solution that doesn’t live up to the hype. We help you answer the salient questions about where to invest your marketing dollars in ways that optimize the effectiveness of your marketing team and generate ROI for your organization. Unlike an agency or a vendor pushing their solution, we don’t benefit from selling you on a particular approach, or are vested in maintaining a certain channel mix or media buy. We’re driven by a desire to help you bring rigor and discipline to how you build your marketing campaigns.
We focus on helping you optimize the right people, processes, platforms, and programs to maximize your return on marketing investment. Digital marketing is an ever-changing, complex landscape of technologies. We help you sort through the thousands of options, the jargon, and the vapor, to separate the wheat from the chaff and design your digital marketing campaigns to be meaningful and impactful to the goals of your organization.
We help with vendor assessments, RFP design, platform integration, resource allocation, goal setting, and results/outcomes management. 
With experience on both sides of client/vendor relationship, and deep subject matter expertise in healthcare and IT/software services, we bring a unique set of skills to marketing teams both large and small. We recognize you are being tasked with doing more with less and achieving ever more challenging goals. Our team has been in your shoes and has successfully managed all aspects of the digital marketing eco-system—from content publishing, lead generation campaigns, CRM and marketing automation, to SEO, paid search, and social media management.

Key Deliverables

We engage at every step of the marketing process—from vendor selection to campaign performance post-mortem, and at every level from strategic planning and budgeting, to platform implementation and process improvement. Our engagements are designed as consulting projects, with the deliverables dependent upon the specific scope of our involvement.