UX/Accessibility Assessments

We can count the number times we saw web designs that didn’t consider mobile use cases and modalities, or weren’t aware of accessibility design principles. While most sites have embraced responsive design, our practice has taken a “mobile-first” approach to UX design. Chances are you work with very talented visual and brand designers, as have we. But when it comes to building task-driven digital interfaces that need to work effectively, consistently, and simply across diverse device types, most agencies and design shops don’tOur UX and Accessibility practice helps marketing teams evaluate the effectiveness and usability of their websites and digital marketing assets. We combine a data-driven approach and heuristic discovery to surface friction points in the usability testing process. We take these insights and apply them to principles of good user experience design to give you an impartial and independent advice on what creates a frictionless user experience. UX design needs to be logical, simple, consistent, tolerant, well-structured and accessible to all users regardless of ability. We help ensure these principles are met. We don’t create UX designs—we work design partner as an extension of your team to ensure you’re getting UX that supports your goals.

Key Deliverables

  • Persona development
  • User journey mapping
  • Site performance audits (heat mapping, form abandonment)
  • UX test plans & usability assessments
  • WCAG Accessibility audits & remediation plans