SEO & Content Strategy

Organic search accounts for anywhere from 50-70% of the traffic to an organization’s website. Making sure your site has high quality content, flawless technical execution, and strong domain authority are table stakes for any content publisher, yet so many companies fall down when it comes to effective content strategy and search engine optimization. Poor SEO performance means you’re missing out on capturing the easiest leads looking for your products and services. 

Our Search Engine Optimization practice includes comprehensive auditing, SEO strategic planning, competitive keyword research, and active SERP performance management. The audit establishes a baseline for performance, exploring the quality of technical SEO implementation, off-page ranking factors such as social, reputation, domain authority, and backlinks, and a content audit that evaluates the quality, uniqueness, and relevancy of content on the site. We also perform a keyword ranking analysis, an organic traffic analysis, and a competitive analysis to see how the site stacks up against peers and competitors in the space. All of this happens prior to our active SEO management to develop a strategy for improving SERP ranking. Our SERP recommendations focus on combinations of keywords we want to rank for a specific set of landing pages across as many SERP features as possible, including site links, knowledge panels, local packs, news boxes, featured snippets, and image packs.

During our implementation of the SEO strategy, we engage in content creation—both meta data and page copy—page rank monitoring, backlink management, local business listings management, and reputation management. Ultimately, our goal is to increase SERP ranking performance for the highest volume queries driving more organic traffic to the target URLs.

Let us know how we can help you stay focused on the most critical aspect of your digital identity–how (and if) your customers see you from their organic searches.

Key Deliverables

  • Technical site performance audits   
  • Keyword analysis & audits
  • Site traffic analysis & GA/GSC/GTM audits   
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Content audits
  • Content strategy & content creation
  • Editorial calendar &  content plans   
  • SEO plans