Mark Samber, PhD

Mark’s Personal Blog

Mark began his career as a management consultant at the Winthrop Group, Inc, in Cambridge Massachusetts, where he worked on case studies of Raytheon’s Beech Aircraft division, Comcast, Northwest Airlines, and the storied leveraged buyout firm, KKR. There he honed his interview skills with C-level leaders, combed through reams of internal plans and memoranda outlining strategic plans, and worked through countless financial and sales performance spreadsheets.

In 1996, Mark was tapped by Chris Oliver, then CTO at Cabletron Systems, Inc, to help write a business plan for a new spin-off company that would focus on dedicated high-speed public data networks for small & medium businesses. At Vitts Mark ran and built the communications and marketing function, thus beginning his journey into both web and digital marketing.

In 1998, Mark joined with Stephen Rakaseder and Drew Casey, to form Wunderkind Studios, a web development and digital agency in Portsmouth, NH, thus beginning an entrepreneurial streak that has remained a part of Mark’s professional career. After 5 years, the business was sold and Mark spent the next decade in a variety of software and web marketing roles, until he joined the Medical University of South Carolina’s MUSC Health system in 2013.

Most recently Mark was VP of Strategic Services for Digital and UX at MERGE Atlanta where he leads client engagements in the areas of digital marketing, user experience, and digital strategy. Prior to joining MERGE Atlanta, Mark was Director of Digital Strategy & Web Marketing at MUSC Health.

With a PhD in History & Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and two decades of leading digital teams in several key areas including user experience (UX), multi-channel marketing tactics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management Systems implementations, Mark brings a broad base of consulting services that help clients focus on improving their marketing operations.